Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Picnic in the Park with HHCofC

Springtime means a picnic in the park! No evening services and a nice picnic outside. I love spring. 
We decided to bring Ginger to introduce her to all her new friends! She was very excited to meet everyone, especially her new friend Chewy the Yorkie puppy! Ginger and Chewy had a great time playing and rolling in the grass. Ginger even went on an explore with Mr. Kyle! All in all, she had a great time at her first church outing!

Ginger even stopped for a few minutes and posed for a picture with her mom and dad. How sweet! Ginger loves going to the park already!

Jonah had a fun time playing on the playground "with" all his friends. All the boys are a little older than Jonah so they really only play with him for a few minutes before they take off and do something he is not allowed to do yet... So he mostly ends up playing with Claire, or a kid from the youth group that wants to follow him around. He does not care either way; he just loves playing outside!

Claire developed a fever while we were there, so we had to leave a little early. She still had fun playing on the playground before we went home and she promptly threw up...

Easter 2013

Happy Easter 2013 from our new house in Ormond Beach, Florida! We got in late from Disney last night, so I had to take care of the baskets and carrots after the kids went to bed...

This is what they woke up to from E.B. Rabbit!

Jonah's Easter basket
Claire's Easter basket

Note from E.B. Rabbit and his leftover carrots

First Easter morning back in the Sunshine State!
Jonah was pretty cool about wearing pink, but he did tell me he only needs one pink shirt. Very cute Easter-y finds! I managed to find the same brands, so I knew they'd be the same pink, at different stores. And months apart! 

Easter Sunday outfits
Pink and blue Easter 2013
Sunday afternoon we headed over to the Pruett's for an Easter egg hunt! I followed Claire around, so I only have a picture of her eggs...and she had a ton! I think she probably crammed the most eggs out of anyone in her basket. She had almost twice the amount of eggs that Jonah found.

Claire's egg hunt haul!
Hoppy Easter!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hollywood Studios...post Ginger

Disney day! Yay! 
We have not been able to make a trip over to Disney since we brought Ginger home! We could not leave her at home by herself that long, and did not want to leave her with someone else until we were sure she was pretty well house trained. A month after we had her, we decided that it was time to make a Disney trip!
BeBe and Boomer volunteered to watch Ginger while we made a trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Boomer is my puppy I've had since I was little. He will be 16 this September, so he is not the most mobile dog...but he managed to hang with Ginger. It helped that he was in a separate room and able to relax while the crazy puppy played.

Off to Hollywood Studios we went! Claire and Jonah were really excited to go to Hollywood Studios because that meant we were eating at Pizza Planet! Pizza Planet is the restaurant Andy went to in Toy Story where Woody and Buzz tried to catch him...but they climbed into the little green alien's claw machine and were taken home by the crazy kid, Sid. Then they went home and lived happily ever after at Andy's house. The end. They were very excited to eat there! It was actually the best value for food we have found at any of the Disney parks so far...not great because nothing at Disney is, but pretty good. 
But that was just where we ate dinner... We did a lot of other stuff too!

We walked by the Rockin' Roller Coaster. I have never been on it, but we could not bring the kids on it... Next time!
Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster

Today was the day. The day Jonah crossed into big boy land. The day he had his first Star Wars experience! He was so excited when we told him we were going on Star Tours the Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios. You "ride around in outer space." It's just a 3D simulator, but it's still a really cool first Star Wars experience for a little boy. 

"The little golden man!" yelled Claire when she saw C3PO...
Do you think he is just a little excited?!

Claire and Jonah were very interested in C3PO and R2D2 while we were waiting in line. Most lines at Disney are decently entertaining, but this one really held their attention!

..."a little golden butt," said someone else...
They LOVED Star Tours! I thought they would be a little nervous, but they were not at all. They are very adventurous...and are proving that with all the rides they want to go on at Disney World. 

It's Chewy, I mean, Jonah!
Waiting in line to meet Disney characters is not one of my favorite activities. They're usually very long and not worth the minute or two you get to spend with the character you waiting at least thirty minutes to meet. But today we got lucky! We were walking around the back of Main Street U.S.A. and looked up just in time to see at least a dozen characters come walking out with their handlers! We did not have time to take a picture with all of them, but we met up with quite a few!

Claire took a spill running up to meet Captain Hook and Mr. Smeed!
Claire, Belle, and Jonah
Having a conversation with Belle!

Toy Army man from Toy Story
The Queen from Alice in Wonderland was hilarious! She was in character the entire time. She even shooed the kids away when she was done. They found it very funny!

Claire and Jonah with the Red Queen

Meeko from Pocahontas was very cute! He has always been my favorite character from that movie. He is so playful! Claire and Jonah had a great time playing with him!

A rodant...of unusual size.

Jafar! He was very mean, but Jonah enjoyed him!
And while we were having fun at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Ginger was doing this!

BeBe has a screened in balcony, and he set Ginger up on it for a lot of the afternoon. He said she walked out and wanted to be out there, so he set her blanket up for her to keep watch!
Boomer kept a safe distance most of the day, but Ginger ran over to investigate her older friend a few times.

There's a little dog park in the apartment complex, too! It's actually right next to BeBe's apartment. Ginger was so excited to play on it! BeBe took her down to run around a lot. She wore herself out!

Gingie at the puppy park!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gingerbread Latte Griffies! Ginger the Boxer!

I won! ...I mean we decided to get a puppy! Look at our little girl! Meet Gingerbread Latte Griffies! We are going to call her Ginger! She was born on Christmas and needed a Christmassy name. We brought her home to our house on March 2, 2013 as a 9 week old puppy. Isn't she the cutest thing?!

Our first picture!
Ginger's puppy announcement!

Ginger getting used to her house in daddy's truck!
My mom came over to watch the kids when we went to get the puppy. They had no idea what we were doing! They had no idea that we were coming home with a puppy!! Claire and Jonah were so excited!

Claire making sure Ginger is comfortable and snuggly.
We were going to leave Ginger and go to Petco and buy her a few things, but there was a big brush fire close by! We decided to wait just incase we had to evacuate. Ginger was happy because that meant she was not getting left. Sweet little girl!

"I cannot believe you're already leaving me in here!" said the puppy.

Ginger on her bed.
We told Brooks, Page, and Hunny we would FaceTime them when we got home with Ginger so they could see her. Brooks and Page LOVE Boxers...and Hunny IS a Boxer. Ginger was interested in the people she could see and hear, but not touch. It was very cute.
But while we were talking with them an announcement came over the news that we needed to evacuate. Oh no! Ginger's first day home and we already have all this activity! She is going to be scarred for life! Fortunately, we called one of the elders and his wife and were able to go over to their house and bring Ginger with us. I forgot Ginger's one toy was in the washing machine (she had an accident) and didn't bring anything else for her to do. Ms. Shelby made Ginger a little toy out of a washcloth. She played with it the rest of the night until we were finally able to go back to our house. Cute little thing.

Ginger and her sock toy!

Tony has a dog! Can you believe it?! She loves her daddy! He takes her on walks and plays with her. She does not like it when he leaves her...she knows he is one of her people.

Ginger and daddy taking a stroll in the backyard.
Ginger's only car trips have been on my lap or in her cage. She has not had to sit by herself yet...until this trip! Her first Tuesday at home (March 5) we went to bring daddy lunch and introduce Ginger to everyone. She did so good! We even had to go through the drive-thru at Taco Bell. She was so well behaved...except that she wanted some of the drinks in the cup holder.

Ginger going bye bye in the car!
The first couple of mornings she was waking up really early because she had to go to the bathroom. Taking her out at 6 a.m. was not fun, and I was so glad when she started sleeping until at least 7 a.m. every morning after the first week! But when we would get up and walk, I would bring her back to bed with me and sit her with me until she falls asleep. Instead of putting her back in her cage, I would just cuddle her up in her blanket and put her next to me on the floor. She would come up and nudge my hand when she woke up again. Sweet Ginger!

Early morning walk followed by an early morning snooze...
It did not take Ginger long to decide that she liked the sun. The first couple of days we had her it was pretty chilly and she did not like that! But once the sun became a little warmer she loved it. Her bed is usually right in front of the sliding glass door during the day. She loves hanging out there!

On March 9 we took Ginger on her first trip to the park! I had been sick almost all week and the poor little thing spent her first full week with us doing almost nothing, so a walking trip to the park was in order! Ginger was very interested in what the kids were doing on the playground and all the new smells. Ginger and her daddy walked all around so she could smell things and pick up sticks. She had a great time! It wore her out!

Ginger and daddy at the park!
On Ginger's second Sunday morning I was still not feeling 100%. I took her for her walk and this is what Tony found when he got out of the shower. She slept there with me for a good hour. She is such a cuddle bug!

Ginger and mommy sleeping on the floor...
On one of the cold days we have had this March, Ginger decided she was going to protest her walk! I turned around to put my boots on, and this is where she decided she was going to stay. It was just too cold out for her! ...Good thing she lives in Florida!

Sitting on the edge of her bed
After a while of pretty cold days, and days of me being sick, we decided it was time to break in the new backyard! Claire and Jonah have not had a backyard since last summer! They were so excited to be able to run around and play outside! Ginger wasn't too sure about the whole situation. She wanted to be sure to watch them very closely.

We took Ginger to her first vet's visit with us on March 11 and signed her up for puppy obedience classes that day! She is such a good puppy, but she does need to learn her manners. She tries so hard, but sometimes she just gets so excited! Ginger was worn out after her first day of puppy classes! She made new friends and learned new things. She is going to be such a good dog!

Ginger's new favorite way to sleep in the car!
We LOVE our new puppy, Ginger!!

...a face only a mother could love. And she snores...

Our New House!

We have moved!!!

...This is the only picture I have so far, but I will work on making this post better!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Veggie Happy Birthday, Bella!

A Veggie Happy 2nd Birthday to Isabella Rayne Griffies!! We can't believe you're already two!! WE LOVE YOU!!

The three little cousins all love Veggie Tales!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Claire's Night

After grocery shopping and doing a bunch of stuff today, I decided I wanted to take Claire to go do something fun tonight! After a quick dinner with daddy and Jonah we were off to the movies! Yay! Not yay, the movie theatre lost power and they were closed for the night! Boo!
So, I asked Claire, "if you could do anything around here tonight, what would you want to do?" 
FERRIS WHEEL at the Daytona Boardwalk!

The $5 a ticket was well worth it. She was so excited to finally be able to go on the ferris wheel!

Look! No hands!
After the ferris wheel, Claire decided she would like Cold Stone (I gave her the choice between Cold Stone and Starbucks...I really was hoping she would pick Starbucks). Yummy chocolate ice cream for Claire and a Birthday Cake Remix to share! 

Fun mommy-daughter night for $20 or less..!